Bits and bobs about me...

Who IS she?
Well my name is Charlotte (or Lotty) and I am 26 years old. I am a primary school teacher and although it can be tough and full of pressures I love it. I love being in the classroom, teaching, the holidays, making children smile, being made to smile by children and watching them grow and progress. In my spare time I love making cards, painting, watching cheesy TV like America's Next Top Model. I also love normal things like going out with my friends and although I hardly ever drink I love getting dressed up for a good night out dancing away! I love running, swimming and fitness DVDs (30 Day Shred - AMAZING). I am getting married next year to my hero, the man of my dreams!

Why do I blog?

I was first made aware of the art of blogging when I started readig JAG's fitness blog. I started reading more and more and I really liked the healthy blogging community, as well as the ideas and tips that everyone shares. I thought... why don't I start one, I might even enjoy it! So I did. So far I like it a lot. I track my food and exercise and I have found it strangely theraputic.

Fabulous Food
I love food. I love cooking. I love recipe books. I love cooking shows (Nigella and Barefoot Contessa - I love you). However, everyone knows that there's a fine line between love and hate. I used food as my weapon of choice for a long time and I have see-sawed between being a very low weight and being far too restrictive and eating a lot of junk. I am working towards the famous 'balance' (that word that everyone talks about). I used to think that being healthy was eating low fat this, reduced fat that and skipping meals. I have now come to my own personal conclusion that being healthy is being happy, body confident (which comes from being well and strong, although I would NEVER claim to be body confident all of the time) and aware of what I put into my body and where that food and drink has come from. I am not happy and body confident every day but it is a goal and I am working on it - this blog helps! I am still dictated by that little blasted number on the scales - it can make or break my day. But nobody's perfect and I am somewhat of a control freak! I do NOT count calories anymore, I used to and it drove me potty. As I said I like to know where my food has come from and I like to recognise all of the ingredients on a label (some food lables look the same as shampoo bottle labels!). I am really into peanut butter (organic, no added crap of course), seeds and homemade meusli at the moment and  in a bid to consume more protein I have just started eating beef again after 4 years of staying away  I have just embarked a meat-free, dairy-free diet, so I will be getting my protein from foods such as nuts and beans. I do get into food ruts so I aim to mix it up, break the cycle and include lots of variety in my diet. 

Pump it up!
I really like exercise, it lifts my mood and I get agitated and stressy if i can't exercise. I love going for jogs, swimming and I love my exercise DVDs. They are great for when I am back at school because I can just pop one on and sweat it out in my own home!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Good for you for getting out of the calorie counting trap! It is so easy to let it take over your life.

  2. No probs! Thanks for stopping by mine too! Yep I definately feel better after ditching the calculator.